Industry Research

In the present era of fierce competition, enterprises must understand not only their own situation, but also the actions of competitors; furthermore, you need to grasp the operating principles of the whole industry system. Because the connections between industry and enterprise is as the relationship between surface and point, the size and developing trends of the industry determines the potential growth of the enterprise; business development will always follow the operating characteristics and operating rules of a certain industry.


We hold the customer-oriented perspectives, taking industries as the main line, integrating multilayer data and information from specific industry, market, enterprise users and so on.

We provide our clients in-depth industrial intelligence on developing dynamics, scale structures, competitive landscapes, development trends and investment risk etc.

We help our clients accurately grasp the development trend of the target industry, provide solid foundations for enterprises to cultivate their development strategy and resource integration, evaluate the enterprise’s position among its industrial circumstance while seek potential development opportunities from the strategic height.

Our Industrial Research Principles:
Clarify the sequence of industry development
Extract rules of industry evolution
Explore investment value among industries
Provide practical investment strategies.

The essence of industrial research is to help the enterprise examine the business environment and potential opportunities of a certain industry at the height of a strategic level.
Therefore, our industrial research is initiated by an integral research, then moves to more detailed segments of industries and benchmark enterprise, while setting focused research as our key point.




The integral research of the industry: master the operating principles and most updated dynamics of the industry, seeking for potential opportunities as an entry point.

Systemic research on benchmark enterprises with dominance or special feature of each segment, thoroughly seeking for spotlighted targets with high investing value.

Conduct focused research on targets while analyze the feasibility of investment and figure out detailed implementation proposals.


We have concentrated on commercial information & market data collection, analysis and research on the macro economy, regional economy, industries and enterprises. We have accumulated extensive research expertise and project experience in industries like energy, chemicals, machinery, mining, automotive, IT, textile, pharmaceutical, retail, real estate etc. Our research teams consist of a group of senior research experts who have years of consulting experience across various scopes of industry sectors.

Based on our profound knowledge and understandings of the chinese market, we can make full use of our extensive and deep industry experience to fulfill our clients’ needs according to their different consulting requirements. We are dedicated to provide customer-oriented research and consulting services that fully satisfy the customized needs of our clients. 30% of our clients are Global Fortune 500 companies and China Fortune 500 companies.