Our Services

Sales Survey

Sales are directly proportional to a company’s sale revenue, and hence it of vital importance that the correct research is performed in order to maximise this revenue.  Our sales survey is directed at our clients and their competitors and involves conducting in-depth investigations on market prices, distribution channels and other aspects.


Customer Analysis

Customer analysis is based on a wide array of information and data regarding specific customers, so as to understand their individual needs, analyse their characteristics, make assessments of their values and thus successfully construct an appropriate market strategy.
An effective and systematic customer analysis allows our clients to understand the different needs of different customers, analyse the connections between customer consumption, habits and business performance and finally lead to optimal operating strategy planning.  In addition, it plays an essential role in exploring potential customers to further expand the business unit.

Our Customer Analysis includes:
1.    Commercial behaviour analysis
2.    Customer characteristics analysis
3.    Customer loyalty analysis
4.    Customer awareness analysis
5.    Customer marketing analysis
6.    Customer return analysis

Competitors Analysis

In order to better estimate the possible strategies and reactions of competitors in response to competitive actions of the company (our customers) and effectively develop the customer's own strategic direction and strategic measures for implementation, we provide a distinctive consultation service on competitors analysis to help our clients develop a systematic and comprehensive understanding and analysis of their competitors, thus supporting their business growth.

Our Competitors Analysis includes:
1.    Identification of competitors strategy
2.    Operational and financial analysis of the competitor
3.    Technical and market strength analysis of the competitors
4.    Insightful background analysis of the leaders/managers of the competing enterprise.

Product Pricing Analysis

We can conduct a price analysis on one or several products produced by enterprises, which allows us to examine the main factors that affect price, summarising the rules of specific product price changes in order to predict the future trend of price movements.

Our Product Pricing Analysis includes:
1.    Analysis of price movements
2.    Analysis of key factors influencing the price
3.    Trend analysis of price changes


Distribution Channel Analysis

The Distribution Channel Analysis allows us to analyse the specific channels or transfer paths through which products and services move from producers to consumers. Distribution Channels in the domestic market take the terminal building as the major forms, channel support also move from mechanization to integral development, the pattern of distribution channel also shift from a single channel structure to diverse channels. With the increasing trend of flat channel structures, it is essential to take distribution channel analysis.

Our Distribution Channel Analysis includes:
Analysis on types of distribution channel
Analysis on the corresponding type of channel for specific customer segments
Analysis on the characteristics of the mainstream channels
Analysis on the channels strategy of main competitive brands