Enterprise Research

Provide the Key Intelligence and Promote Business Growth.
The rapid development of Chinese enterprises is the tremendous driving force that has promoted the prosperity of China's economy for three decades. With profound understanding of chinese companies, you will grasp the trend and directions of China's economic development.

Since our foundation, we are devoted to analyze the behavior of chinese enterprises in the process of China's accelerated economic growth, launch numerous comprehensive and systematic analyses on the development strategies of different enterprises, and provide our clients with accurate key business intelligence of their competitors, partners, suppliers, customers and other externally-related enterprises. We help our clients establish their competitive advantage and defeat their competitors effectively.


The philosophy for our Enterprise Research is to help our clients master the core elements of the enterprise through in-depth analysis, provides detailed and reliable information and intelligence for investors, managers and researchers. Help companies to understand its externally related companies more clearly and to promote sustainable and healthy growth of business.


We believe that enterprise studies should establish its consolidated foundations on the in-depth analysis of the development of the company's operating status and financial performance. Combining the background of shareholders and leaders, Huaran aims to conduct objective analysis of the target company's strengths and weaknesses, its future development and its credit rating, so as to help our client develop accurate knowledge on the credit conditions and related company information of their competitors, partners and key customers to initiate responding proposal in advance and adjust the means of cooperation to ensure the maximum profits while avoiding business risks.