Post-Investment Consulting Service

Post-Investment adversary and strategic feasibility study on your investment in China
Services we provide:

1.         Continuous sales and marketing
2.         Changes and alternations
1)      Declaration
2)      Registration
3)      Approval
3.         Intellectual Property Rights Protection
1)      Patent
2)      Brand Name
3)      Trademark
4)      Copyright
5)      Unfair Competition
4.         Litigations
5.         Retreat Mechanism
1)      Termination
2)      Capital Transfer
3)      Secondary Market Sale
4)      Bankruptcy and Liquidation
Why us?
Shanghai Huaran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd
Our market entry services are developed for industrial companies with technical products searching for opportunities in business-to-business markets.
We keep fertile consultation with the government and develop a good relationship with local authorities;
We help our customers shape their own chinese government relationships strategy so as to better serve their business growth.