In-Investment Consulting Service

Investment vehicle selection
--- Setting up representative offices
--- Setting up Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE's)
A WOFE is a wholly owned foreign enterprise which the foreign investors can have 100% control and enjoy all of its profit in this subsidiary in China. This is a limited liability company with legal status in China.
--- Setting up a joint venture (JV)
Conduct Location consulting
After years of investment advisory services on the location analysis and decision-making process, we have accumulated an abundant wealth of professional expertise. We successfully support many foreign investors on their location selection in the overall picture of their consolidated strategy in China. We also represent them to conduct negotiations with their business partners. Our location analysis and decision-making services generally include the following:
1.     Investment location search, selection and position.  
2.     We help you to find the right location not only in China, but also in wide Asia.  
3.     Strategic Location Position (Factor Matrix)
Human Resource Analysis Markets and Customers Analysis
Land, Property & Intellectual Property Components Preferential Policy& Policy Limitations Analysis
Technology, Facilities and Equipment Analysis Analysis of the allocation of Transportation
Purchase or Lease of Property Services &Contract Negotiations Analysis of the allocation of Supply Chain


Chinese partner selection if it's a Joint Venture (JV)
We accumulated consolidated expertise in seeking for our clients the most appropriate strategic business partner in the joint venture establishment or (M&A) Merger& Acquisition, and also offer you various agency services like business negotiations in the joint venture, M&A. Our services as follows:
1.     Partner Sourcing and Identification
2.     Business Negotiations
3.     Contract Negotiations
4.     All procedures to Final Deal
5.     Business Partner Relationship Maintenance
Pre-planning on Business Model:
1.     Raw Materials Supply
2.     Labor Source/Human Capital
3.     Import and Export Regulations
4.     Production and Operation
5.     Product Strategy
6.     Marketing and Sales Strategies
7.     Customer Services
Pre-planning on Capital Injection
1.     Allocation of Capital Injection
2.     Ways of Contribution
3.     Foreign Exchange Conversion
4.     Foreign Exchange Risk Management
5.     Business Negotiation
Taxation Policy and Application of China preferential policies
Offshore operation via Hong kong
Local Talents Search
1.     Local general manager search
2.     Local staff search
3.     Cheap labor search
Registered and Approved in China
        1.      Make Declaration

                 Conduct all related documentation

                 Prepare all paper works 

        2.      Get your company registeredand approved in China
                 Formal registrations assistance

                 Greatly smooth the complex procedures

                 Save you precious time 


Obtain official approval from local authorities
       1.     We have sound local connections necessary for government approval
       2.     Fulfill Local Law and Regulations
       3.     Fulfill Chinese Audit Law
       4.     Legal advice
       5.     Annual Auditing
       6.     Contract Negotiations and Advisory
       7.     Capital Arrangement
       8.     Legal Entity Establishment
Prepare all documents and files of declaration
1.     Documents for Investors
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Business Registration Certificate issued by Local Notarial Institutions or Local Government
  • Notarial Verification Files issued by the Chinese Embassy
  • Passports of legal representatives
  • Bank Reference
2.     Documents of Real Estate Leasing
  • Lease Agreement on Business Premises
  • Notarial Verification of Lease Agreement on Business Premises
  • Filing documents of Lease Agreement on Business Premises
  • Certificate of Property
3.     Documents of Broad of Directors
  • List of all Broad Members
  • Designation Letter of each Broad Members
  • Passports of each Broad Members
  • CV/Resume of each Broad Members
  • Photos of New Legal Representatives
4.     Documents for Establishment
  • Applications for New Enterprises
  • Articles of the Enterprise
  • Feasibility Studies Report
  • Authorized Signature
  • Company Name Application
  • Applications for New Foreign Investment Company
  • Industry and Commerce Registration - The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • Official Seals - The Municipal Public Security Bureau
  • Enterprise Code Register - The Municipal Organization Code Management Center
  • Statistic Register –The Municipal Bureau of Statistics
  • Foreign Exchange Permit - Administration of Foreign Exchange
  • Tax Registration - The Municipal Tax Bureau of Foreign Tax Sub-Administration


1)      Restricted Industry Category Approval:
For the restricted category, China Foreign Economic and Trade Department/China Foreign Economic and Commercial Department and the Competent Industry Authorities engage in examinations and approvals of foreign enterprises. After examinations and approvals, return to the Foreign Economic and Trade Department/Foreign Economic and Commercial Department in Parent Location for the Approval of Parent Company to set up branches.
Restricted Category Industries as follows:




          Shipping & Shipping Agent



Related Authorities cover Transportation Ministry, The Civil Aviation Administration of China, The Justice Department, The People’s Bank of China, China Insurance Supervision Committee, China Tourism Bureau, and the Ministry of Finance.
For Joint Ventures
             1.     Sino-Foreign Cooperation Contract
             2.     Photocopy of the Business License (with official seal)
             3.     Original Tax Registration Certificate
             4.     Submission of confirmation files to the State-Owned asset management department if Chinese partner make property investments
Other Special Cases:
1.     For Production-Oriented Enterprise:
1)      Permission for Land Use
2)      Environment Assessment Report
3)      Production Procedures, Production Techniques, Production Scale, Product’s name, etc.
4)      Deployments for Environment Protection, Labor Security.
5)      Commitment to power supply, water supply, etc. and Public Goods offering departments
6)      Lease Agreements of Land (optional)
2.     For Trade-Oriented Enterprise:
1)      Annual Auditing Report of the Investor
2)      The catalogue of import and export commodities