Pre-Investment Consulting Service

Pre-Investment advisory and strategic feasibility study on your investment in China


1.       Macroeconomic Environment Analysis
2.      Relevant Policy Studies
3.      Regulations and Legal Advice
4.       Industry Analysis
5.       Profound Market Analysis & Market In-depth Spy
            Market Overview
            Market Capacity
            Competitive Landscape
5 Forces Analysis
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Bargaining Power of Buyers
Threats of Substitutes
Degree of Rivalry
Barriers to Entry
            STP Analysis: Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning
Market Segmentation (BCG Matrix)
Customer Segmentation
            Marketing Strategy (4P Analysis)
Product Strategy
Price Strategy
            Distribution Channel
            Brand Building
The latest buzz word in China is branding, and we are here to help create a modern and successful identity for your business. Creating a strong identity that appeals to target customers, we can give you an advantage over your competitors. By increasing your profile worldwide, we can help meet your business objectives, expand your customer base and increase your sales.
Branding is critical to long-term success in China. Companies with strong brands in their home markets often struggle to position themselves well in China, and many ultimately fail to make the positive impact they had hoped for as their businesses develop because they do not position their brands in the way needed to win the hearts, minds and wallets of Chinese consumers.

Using cutting-edge consumer insights researches and our knowledge of consumer trends across China, our brand strategy experts work closely with clients to determine the most profitable core market to target and to think globally but act locally.


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Risk Management
1.         Human Resource
2.         Land & Real Estate
3.         Foreign Exchange
4.         Technology and Managerial Expertise
5.         Intellectual Property Rights
6.         Property Rights
7.         Brand and Trademark
Financial Analysis
1.         Capital Injection Planning
2.         Revenue Structure
3.         Cost Structure
4.         Profitability Analysis
5.         Tax Advisory and Planning
6.         Financial Risk Aversion
Why Us?
We accumulated/employed extensive local business expertise and first-class international investment management techniques.
We own a widely-coverage market database and professionals, to provide investors with an accurate basis for investment decisions and recommendations.
We design for our customers the optimal strategy and implementation acts to enter the Chinese market.
We deliver you more transparent perspective of the complicated structure in the diversified Chinese market.
More importantly, we help you implement the feasible strategies and eventually achieve your ultimate success.
We offer you an acute and profound market spy of China!
We offer you a distinctive perspective in Chinese Market!
We work along with you, providing "Hands On" services!