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China, a land of beauty and fascination, tempts explorers and investors all over the world. She entered into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2002. She hosted an ever glorious and magnificent Olympics event in history in 2008. People flooded to Shanghai EXPO 2010 from a world-wide scale.
Above all, she is the fastest growing consumer economy in Asia. Early in 2008, World Bank placed China ahead of Japan as the world's second-largest economy as measured by purchasing power. (GDP calculations adjusting for different prices within economies —known as purchasing power parity—indicated China's economy was larger than Japan's as early as 1995). China GDP growth keeps above 8% and now it surpassed Japan as the largest Asian economy and the GDP gap between them is expected to be widening in the foreseeable future. Over the twenty years' of rapid economic growth, China nurtured a middle class in more relatively affluent coastal areas and major cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, etc.
Many Chinese now have cars, have their own apartments, condominiums or houses, eat out frequently and are willing to buy western products, eat in elegant western restaurants and eagerly consume luxury products and services. China has already overtaken the U.S. as the world's second-largest luxury goods market. Behind her amazing Purchasing Power, there has been stunning growth in Chinese GDP per capita for the past 30 years. Yet China is still a developing economy. Chinese GDP per capita, even adjusted for purchasing power, is about 15 percent the level of the U.S. From the middle of 2000 to the middle of 2010, GDP per capita increased by more than 9500 RMB, or, at present exchange rates, another $2800 in annual income.
China, China, China! Every week more than £1bn flows into China as foreign direct investment, investors from 192 countries and regions have established more than 500,000 foreign invested enterprises in almost all industries. China has generally implemented economic revolutions, more market-oriented with gradual liberalization of prices, fiscal decentralization, increased autonomy for state enterprises, creation of a diversified banking system, development of stock markets and rapid growth of the private sector. China is currently characterized with a pro-business government and aggressive economic policies that encourage foreign investments.
China's economy was full of vitality and the country's industrial upgrading and urbanization were in process, which would mean plenty of investment opportunities. According to China's commerce ministry, FDI in 2010 surpassed $100 billion for the first time. Over the entire year ending December 2010 inbound FDI increased 17.4% to $105.74 billion.

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1.    Macro-Environment Assessment (PEST)

1)    Policies
        Preferential Policies
        How do I take advantage of the Local Preferential Policies?
        Policy Limitations
2)    Legal Environment
        How do I comply with Legal Affairs and Regulations?
3)    Economic Environment
        Microeconomic Analysis
        Market Spy
4)    Social Effects
        Cultural Difference
        How do I avoid the Culture Difference?
        Trend & Fad Prospect
        Consumer Psychology
5)    Technology

How much does it cost to start a business in China? 
How do I get my company into China?
How do I get a factory started in China?
How do I get qualified people or human resources for my planned Chinese Venture?
Where do I start?
How can I leverage Risk-Aversion Tools?
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Q&A on Investing in China

We enlighten you the general knowledge on Investing in China
1.    How much does it cost to start a business in China?
A.    Labor Cost:
Generally in China, labor to meet highly intensive unskilled work is inexpensive. Skilled, white color workers are getting expensive in larger cities such as Beijing, and Shanghai, but generally the salaries are still much lower than in the U.S. or the EU.
B.    Other Administrative Cost
Getting your business registered can often cost a few thousand dollars.
C.    Optional Cost
The cost depends totally on the type of business, the size and your goals.
Beyond that, it depends on how well thoughts out are your plans;
How many options are evaluated and the particular circumstances of the location chosen.
This all can be worked out with Huaran Investment Consulting, we will work with you to prepare business plans for your venture and to ensure that your plans are well conceived, thoroughly developed and efficiently started.
A WOFE is a wholly owned foreign enterprise which the foreign investors can have 100% control and enjoy all of its profit in this subsidiary in China. This is a limited liability company with legal status in China.
If you would like to start out your manufacturing business in China and want to set up a factory to manufacture your own products, you will need to consider establishing a wholly foreign owned enterprises ("WOFE").
A.    Capital Injection Requirements
Business Scope of WOFE's are narrowly defined in their application and business licenses. In some of the province, a minimum amount of registered capital (Normally USD120,000) is required for setting up a WOFE.
B.    Preferential Policies
The established WOFE will be entitled to certain tax exemption on both income tax and customs duty and an annual tax filing with the submission of audited financial statement are compulsory for all WOFE setting up in China.
3. How do I get my company registered in China?
   Basic Principles:
   China welcomes all types of foreign investments almost across all industries.
   Getting a company started in China usually requires formal registrations.
This can be a headache without expert assistance. With our expertise, the process can move more swiftly and smoothly and become less time-consuming.  
Unless specially approved by local authorities, local law in many Chinese cities does not recognize the forms of sole proprietorships and partnerships.
All businesses in most Chinese cities require an annual audit, which can be conducted by local accounting firms at inexpensive prices.
4. How do I get my company into China?
Shanghai Huaran Investment Consulting has extensive experiences in market entry and company registration related issues. As we often get questions specifically about starting a business in China,
You can also buy some shares from an established local company. You can save a lot of headache and fast enter into your market.
As a professional china consulting firm, Shanghai Huaran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. focuses on providing full business and legal consulting services to foreign companies who want to start up or expand their business in China. Shanghai Huaran Investment consulting Co., Ltd. has established long-term intimate/close relationship with various domestic enterprises and their Head departments as well as local authorities. We accumulated solid expertise in seeking for you the most appropriate strategic business partner in the joint venture establishment or merger& acquisition, and also offer you various agency services like business negotiations in the joint venture, M&A.
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We, Shanghai Huaran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai, China, a major financial hub that serve the financial market development in the Yangtze River Delta. Supported by government’s efforts, she appears to be a booming international financial center, possessing numerous financial sectors and professionals both domestic and foreign, promoting motivating financial environment and rigorous credit culture while drastically improving its appeal to global financial talents and investors all over the world.
We, Shanghai Huaran Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. have been recommended by Shanghai Foreign Investment Commission Municipal Commission of Commerce as the professional consulting service institutions in Shanghai. Thus we are perfectly familiar with investment circumstances in China, especially Shanghai. Moreover, we keep close contacts with certain officers in relevant government authority and update you to the latest policies and regulations.
We are professional, pragmatic and highly efficient team dedicated to abridge the distance between you and your targeted market in China; improve your understanding about investment regulations in China; assist you in tapping this potential market with full engagement and help you secure your abundant profit with our elaborately planned strategy.
Only you need to do is sending us your problems and requirements. Our professional team will offer you detailed pictures on the economy, taxation, accounting, foreign exchange, HR & labor regulation, law etc. We will answer your questions and assist you to work out the most feasible and effective implementation strategy.
Furthermore, we are devoted to offer you sustainable services to further support your sustainable development in China. Integrate each of your customized requirements to serious consideration, we can design tailor-made services and efficient one-stop solution for you over various fields as wide as Market, Target Customers, Enterprise Management, Operations, Value Chain, Law, Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Finance, Human Resources Foreign Exchange, to flourish your business and accomplish your business goal.
Currently they are working in China as senior managers in Multinational manufacturing and Accounting firms and Law companies even government offices, after more than 10 years continuous working and on-going studying of the investment environment and practical work, they have accumulated rich experience in the field of Foreign investment, Tax, Logistics, Plant operation, Marketing and Sales, Public relation and update policies..., we are sure those front-line people with hand-on experience could help you achieve more.
Our service comes from a group of talents working in industries of Investment and Commercial banking, Fund Management, Energy and Resource, Telecommunications, Machinery and Equipment, New Media and Entertainment, FMCG, across the functions as researching, productions, operations, taxation, marketing, sales, business negotiations, with a background of higher education.
Unlike those consultants sitting in a luxury offices of a grand office building, their down-to-earth experience and mindset of combining Western thinking into China practice are keys to help you success in this changing China market, the service you need are that we are handling every day;
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