Strategic Advisory Services

Detailed, well-planned strategy is essential to successful growth in China, where consumer and business needs are rapidly evolving, and many areas remain uncharted territory. Our goal is to help clients navigate the Chinese markets and identify opportunities they can leverage to build their business.
We work with domestic and international companies to build strategies for long-term, sustainable growth. We take a comprehensive approach to developing growth strategy, evaluating clients' strengths, market characteristics, competitor strengths and weaknesses and relevant government regulations in order to map out the most profitable strategy for our foreign clients as they grow in China and as we help our Chinese clients become global players.
We also provide acute and appropriate advice to our clients on their strategic issues related to enterprises establishments, operations, financing, restructuring, expansions, spin-off, down-sizing, liquidation and termination. This strategic assistance can prove invaluable to clients when unforeseen circumstances arise, or small projects outside of those listed above are required.