M&A Service

Foreign-funded companies should have more access to financing and would be encouraged to take part in the mergers, acquisitions and reshuffling of Chinese enterprises.

Clients often come to us seeking to understand the investment potential of Chinese companies. These companies appear to be attractive acquisition targets for foreign firms who intend to pick out value from the crowd or expand the range of their business in China.
We help our clients’ business flourish in the dynamics of Chinese Capital Market. We assist your M&A activities from the drawing board to business negotiations and finally to execution. Our in-house lawyers have extensive experience in analyzing critical issues and providing valuable sparring throughout the M&A process. Through a partnership with our brother companies, we are able to identify and assess potential M&A partners and acquisition targets in a wide range of industries throughout China for our clients.
Our M&A practices help companies find the potential acquisition targets that improve and complement their current business operations. We then conduct due diligence into the potential acquisition to determine what assets could best be leveraged and merged. We then help the merged company develop a growth strategy.
B.       Targets Analysis
C.       Targets Assessment
D.       Business Negotiations