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China-outbound M&A Transactions Analysis (automation, industrial robot)

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The growth trend of China macro-economic remains at relatively moderate speed. According to the official data, the GDP growth rate of 2014 is 7.4% .
Traditional China manufacturing enterprises are experiencing an industrial revolution that aims to

     - Create higher production value 

    - Encourage more innovation 

    - Acquire the core technology improvement

    - Upgrade relevant machinery and equipment 

    - Evolve from OEM to ODM 

    - Develop their own brand and good will

Most local industrial robotics manufacturers are involved in the production of Main Body and system integration, some outstanding firms perform well in the R&D of controller and servo motor.
The most substantial costs of producing an robot for Chinese firms: Reducing gear (imported from Japan, R&D fees etc)
    - Lacking the key technology of robot core parts
    - Relying on imported core parts
    - Low Added -Value (integration and body parts)
Outbound M&A transactions mainly focus on Energy, Manufacturing, IT and Internet. The sum of the investment in these 4 industries occupy more than half of the total outbound M&A transaction value.
Germany becomes the first choice for Chinese investment in Europe.
Chinese enterprises had closed 36 M&A transactions.
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