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Germany Financial Advisor Perspektiv visited Huaran

Published:2014-10-18    Source:HICG

Headquartered in Munich, Perspektiv gains abundant industry experience in Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance for mid-cap enterprises. Particularly, Perspektiv focuses on the insolvency opportunities. In 2013, Perspektiv was ranked in the top 10 for M&A deals in Germany. On the October 18, 2014, Perspektiv and Shanghai Huaran Investment Consulting had a casual but productive meeting in Shanghai.

During the meeting, both sides carried out the independent and critical analysis about the financial market and investment environment in China and Germany. In addition, Perspektiv and Huaran shared each other’s valuable business experience, particular in M&A consulting service for German and Chinese corporations. Regarding the German engineering and automotive parts sectors, Perspektiv and Huaran called for an in-depth discussion. Regarding the opportunities of German insolvent enterprises, Perspektiv and Huaran had an open discussion.

As Huaran is dictated to collaborate with German financial advisors in order to assist Chinese enterprises to identify high performance-price-ratio investment opportunities in Germany.


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