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China closes the most M&A cases in 2014, compared with other Asian countries

Published:2014-10-21    Source:HICG

According to the latest data of Mayfield Media Strategies (MMS) shown in the fourth China-Abroad Program conference on 12th December, 2014, China successfully closes 8 merge and acquisition cases and becomes the ‘biggest Asian M&A country’ out of the whole 18 M&A cases in Asia area. Till now there are 56 M&A projects successfully complete in the world.

China becomes the most attractive target market now. From the Beijing commercial news, British company ITE acquired 50% shares of the China Coating exhibition. Similarity, the British company Tarsus acquired 50% shares of the SIUF exhibition. The British company UBM acquired the majority shares of Shanghai Tian Sheng Exhibition limited company. The chairman of MMS Steve demonstrates that strategic cooperation between/among corporations occurs more frequently than merge and acquisition in China market. There are several cases could be proved this statement. The I2I and the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT TEX) host the ChinaKnitting exhibition together. The Frankfurt exhibition and Guangdong International Toy Association organize the Guangzhou Toy and Hobby fair together as well as Guangzhou International Stroller and Baby Product Fair. Also, the strategic cooperation among Reed exhibition, UBM, Rome International Fair Centre and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition has been built.

Local enterprises obtaining their required money through selling shares. It is helpful to attract more international exhibitors to attend local exhibitions and to improve competiveness of local enterprises in the market. Meanwhile, international exhibitors are able to enter the local exhibition market with a lower risk through purchasing available infrastructure and projects of local exhibitors.

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