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Personal Robert Era

Published:2014-10-13    Source:HICG


According to the definition of IFR (International Federation of Robotics), a service robot is a robot that performs useful tasks for humans or equipment excluding industrial automation application. Service robots often have various degrees of autonomy. Different from industrial Robert, a service robot usually has to face a complicated and unknown environment rather than within a certain platform.

2.Rigid demand and an active market

Robert has a promising future with massive development opportunities. Especially in developed countries, service robots are in a booming market. There are some driving reasons for service robots as following.

Insufficient work force and expensive labor costs promote people are more unwillingly to choose simple and repetitive work. Less people work in the cleaning, nurse and security etc area. Therefore, insufficient work force opens a wider market for service robots.

Also, with the economic conditions of family are better in developed countries, each family own an increasing disposable income. Thus, people are able to buy service robots for simple and repetitive work.

Technology develops rapidly when the world enters the internet era. Benefit from the development of computer and microchip, intelligent robot changes and updates in a fast speed. The costs will be reduced and realized functions would be fully developed. Thus, the service robot could be safer and more precise. 

The aging problem brings lots of issues, such as urgent demand for social service and caring service. The service robot may provide better solutions for future world.

3.Category: personal/domestic robots and professional service robots

Service robot is a young member in the whole robot family. Contrast with industrial robot, the application of service robot is broad. IFR classifies service robot into Personal/Domestic Robots and Professional Service Robots based on according to different applications. The general application of service robot focuses on maintaining, shipping, cleaning, security, monitoring and supporting etc. 

Personal/domestic robots include household family, entertainment robots, supporting robots, house security and monitoring robots and so on. Professional service robot mainly include field robotics, professional cleaning robots, medical robots, shipping robots, maintaining and inspecting robots, construction robots, under-water robots and so on.

4.Key technology of service robots: keep intelligent

Robots are the outcome of new technology. In order to make service robot could respond to needs and keep steady, the key technology is to keep intelligent state.

5.Industry chain of service robot: clear and diversified 

Automatic welder, electronic devices, microprocessor, servo motor, reduction gear, machine parts, sensor and standard parts are main products of service robot industry. The lower end of the industry concentrates in medical, household, farm and military fields etc. 


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